Reasons Why You Should Consider Red Gum For Firewood Use

Do you reside in Bunbury in Australia? Then I am pretty sure that you have heard of the tree called the red gum. One of the ideal features of the red gum is its exemplary performance as a source of firewood owing to the high heat retention. If you like relaxing in your garden, winter should not be a hindrance. With a supply of red gum firewood, you are sorted. Here are some of the reasons why you need the red gum firewood for your fireplace:

Excellence in Heat Retaining

When considering efficacy in regards to heat retaining, then you have red gum firewood to meet your needs. The wood retains up to 81% of the heat hence ensuring that the house enjoys maximum heating while it may be freezing outside in the garden. Red gum firewood is capable of keeping the temperature of a room high for a long time. Even during winter, the room remains warm and cosy as long as there is a constant supply of the red gum firewood.

Burns Slowly

For most people, warming a home with firewood will imply constant refilling of the stock. There has to be a regular supply of firewood to ensure that the heat is maintained. Redgum firewood fits the bill. Apart from providing a maximum amount of heat, the red gum firewood burns for a relatively longer duration in comparison to other woods. This will help save finances and ensure that warming the house is not stressful. The red gum firewood is known to be denser or heavier hence more heat per volume. For instance, this property makes it burn faster than the Radiata Pine. The hardwood nature of the red gum firewood is an added advantage for its long burning.

Emittance of less Smoke and Ash

When considering a supply for firewood, it is important to check on the woods that emit less smoke and ash. The less smoke that a firewood emits, the more one enjoys. This implies that chances of suffocation are drastically reduced. Moreover, the lesser ash it creates, the less time one spends doing the cleaning. Red gum firewood boasts of these features hence making it ideal for a fireplace in any home garden.

Cost Efficiency

If you are worried about spending so much on firewood then red gum is the solution. At least with its different properties such as burning for a longer period, this firewood ensures low cost. Due to its slow-burning, one can use a small amount of firewood for a long time hence saving money.

Red gum firewood remains the best choice when one is considering heating their garden.