Tips to Consider When Storing Your Ride-On Lawn Mower

The Fall season is setting in and it is time to have the last mow and store the lawn mower till Spring. The ride-on lawn mowers are expensive and one would not want to spend each Spring buying a new one. To store the lawn mower properly and prevent it from hard starting when warm weather sets in, here are some guiding steps:

Ensure Fuel Tank Remains Fresh

In case the fuel tank has gasoline in it, it is advisable to run it dry. This can be done safely outdoors away from any fires. For those who opt to leave the gas in the fuel tank, it is imperative that fuel stabilizer is used together with fresh gasoline to ensure that the lawn mower remains in good condition. This kind of care ensures that the gas does not become stale. Chances of corrosion are also prevented as much as possible. If the lawn mower is left with stale gas, the engine carburettor will clog hence making it very difficult to start. This would only lead to more costs and expensive repairs.

Changing the Oil

For those who might not have changed the engine oil in the lawn mower during the Spring season, there is a chance to do it during winter. Cleaning any device or gadget is highly advisable and so is the lawn mower. Cleaning and changing of oil ensure that lawn mower lubricates the right way. Changing oil in the ride on lawn mower can be done using oil extractor.

Cleaning the Mower Decks and Blades

For proper storage, one should consider using a pressure washer to remove old grass and any kind of dirt that may be on the mower deck and blades. Leaving all the dirt throughout the winter is likely to make it build up and affect the working of the lawn mower blades. The level of cut of the ride on lawn mower is also negatively affected when cleaning is not done.

Remove the Battery and Clean the Terminals

During the winter, it is the best time to remove the battery especially if it has. This is mainly seen with the ride on lawn mowers. Clean the battery terminals. The battery is to be stored properly in a cool and dry place. Proper storage is to ensure that the battery is not exposed to high temperatures and terminals do not corrode.

Get a Proper Storage Place

For the ride on mowers, getting a proper storage place remains a challenge. However, it is important that the lawn mowers are kept in cool, dry place mostly indoors. Keeping it indoors ensures that some crannies that may clog engine are kept away. Covering the lawn mower ensures that it is kept away from wear and tear.