Would Vertical Gardening Be Ideal For Your Property?

When most homeowners think of gardening, the common assumption is that the plants they are growing should lie flat on the ground. Therefore, homeowners who either have a tiny yard or live smack in the middle of the concrete jungle may have the misconception that gardening would be out of the question for their property. In reality, one of the trends that have steadily grown over the years is vertical gardening. The basic principle of this technique is to nurture your plants vertically, rather than have flat ground to grow your greenery. If you have been contemplating a herb garden, a kitchen garden or simply just want to incorporate some blooms into your home, here are a few of the reasons why vertical gardening would be ideal for your property.

Vertical gardening is perfect for limited spaces

Gone are the days when you would have an excuse not to flex your green thumb simply because you did not have the space available to you. In this day and age when real estate is at a premium and apartments are getting smaller, it could be quite difficult to find a home that fits within your budget and has a spacious yard. Vertical gardening is the perfect solution to grow your plants without space being a factor. You can choose to have this vertical garden on your exterior wall, fence, or even on a freestanding structure inside the residence.

Vertical gardening is a great design element

Another reason why vertical gardening would be ideal for your property is the aesthetic appeal that it will inject o your space. The great thing about plants is that they have a propensity to brighten up any space. Whether there is a corner in your home that does not get much use or if you find the exterior of your residence looks drab and bleak, a vertical garden will inject some lie to the space. If beauty is your primary reason for vertical gardening, succulents are a good option for you as they are low maintenance and come with a wide assortment of colourful blooms to add to the visual interest in your home.

Vertical gardening offers easy accessibility   

One thing to note about conventional gardening is how labour intensive it is. You would have to spend hours on end crouched over your plants to ensure they are receiving the proper care and maintenance they need to thrive. This exertion may be too much for individuals with mobility problems. If you prefer to engage in gardening without straining yourself, a vertical garden would be perfect for your home as they are easily accessible!